Need to Know?

Affpool is a new solution in the world of CPA - networks! Find here what you’ve been looking for, and if there’sn’t something, just let us know.

We offer to become part of Affpool Affilate and monetize your traffic. Attract users to your online resources and make a profit.

Tell visitors about the best product offers and services. Choose advertising objects yourself and be sure - Affpool will always help in implementation.


How does Affpool Affiliate work?

Start working with Affpool that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.


Use your resources, be it a website, a blog, a group on social networks or video channels, everything that you have been working on and that does not contradict the conditions of the advertiser’s program.

Why choose the Affpool

Working with Affpool will revolutionize the way you generate awareness, drive traffic, and connect with your customers.


Affpool intends to offer competitive rates for Webmasters in the world of CPA marketing and is ready to create the necessary conditions for work. We strive to listen and help realize your ideas. Do not forget about regular payments!


Track advertisements for all domains, be aware of all clicks, purchases and orders. Monitor user activity by geolocation and area of interest.

Referral program

Tell colleagues about our resource, give them the opportunity to earn as well and get a bonus - arrived from the activity of the webmaster you cited. Payments are made by Affpool and does not affect the income of your referral.


Our team is at your disposal! We are interested in development and strive for dialogue. We believe that an individual approach improves work efficiency and devotes time to it.

Stop leaving money on the table.

Affpool is a marketing platform where you can create your own marketing campaigns to promote your products.

Start earning money today

What tools can I use?

Affpool’s suite of tools helps you generate awareness, drive traffic, and connect with your customers online.

What happens if I invite friends through my referral link?

Referral Program

The referral program can double your money. All you need is to pass referral link to your friends, colleagues, and other people that may be interested—and get more profit if they become our members.

  • Step 01.

Make Money on Referrals

Referrals registered by your links begin to attract traffic to the advertiser’s resources and receive rewards. And you, in turn, receive a percentage of the partner’s profit from Affpool.

  • Step 02.

Get level II Affiliate bonus

A colleague invited by you can also become your referrer and invite affiliates to join Affpool. You will be level II referrals and receive payments from Affpool accordingly.

  • Step 03.