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Affpool is a simple and effective solution in CPS marketing! An innovative project that gives you the ability to controlfully increase customer turnover, more efficiently sell services and products. Our team will help develop the optimal strategy for the business, you pay only on the fact of sale.

Expand your market with international support from Affpool. Set up geo-targeting and affiliates from around the world can connect to your program.

Use your personal account to display detailed statistics on the work of webmasters, control costs and open up new opportunities for the development of your resource .

Work Process

How do we works ?

Start working with Affpool that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.


Form a proposal, describe your site and working conditions. Our team, in turn, works in tandem with you and creates an effective offer


Launches an advertising campaign using the platform, gives access to all analysis tools, controls affiliates and is responsible for security.


Become a member of Affpool Affiliate attracting customers to your resource, increasing attendance and sales. Monetizes your site by rewarding the active actions of visitors

Stop leaving money on the table.

Let's get started ! Join Affpool and we'll start promoting your products on a wide range of platforms and services.

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Like no one, the Affpool team is interested in work, because if you don’t make money, we won’t make money either! Therefore, we try to maximize profit and automate work. You just have to follow the result and notifications of the manager working on your project.

Affiliate Selection

Our team constantly reviews and moderates webmaster resources, as it values their interest in the work. We sort partner sites into categories, traffic and geolocation, so we can competently send them to a suitable offer.

Result control

The traffic sent to you passes through our filter, which provides protection against markups and loss of advertising funds. We carefully check the work of our partners, and the transparency of this system will enable you to see it. Pay only upon receipt of the desired result.

Discover what makes Advertiser tools great.

Affpool is a marketing platform where you can create your own marketing campaigns to promote your products.